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What information do I need to provide to add a new car to my policy?

To add a vehicle to your policy, you must provide us with the following information:
Vehicle information

  • Make, year, model of car
  • VIN number
  • Amount paid for the vehicle or value indicated in the lease contract (including modifications, accessories and taxes)
  • Purchased or leased, new or used?
  • Odometer reading  
  • Purchase/lease date of vehicle

Use of vehicle

  • How many kilometres do you drive in a year?  (If you are unsure, give us your best estimate.)
  • If you use your vehicle to go to work, many km per day (one-way)?
  • If you use your vehicle for work (other than commuting to work), how many km per year?

Information to determine if you qualify for discounts

  • Anti-theft devices

You can use MyInsurance to quickly and simply add a car to your policy.

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