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Why do some vehicles cost more than others to insure with TD Insurance?

There are a number of factors that impact the annual premiums associated with any vehicles that you may insure with us.


The type of coverage you select (or that you are legally obligated to carry) has an impact on your premiums.

Rate Groups

We use rating groups provided by the Insurance Bureau of Canada that are based on actual claims statistics – while some vehicles may have the same rating groups, it is more likely that they vary among the vehicles insured on your policy and may be partly or wholly responsible for any variance in premiums between them.

The list of reasons that may cause differences in premiums for any of your insured vehicles is exhaustive. Visit our ‘How Car Insurance Premiums are Calculated’ article to learn more.

If you have questions about your insurance premiums, we invite you to sign in to TD MyInsurance where you can chat securely with an Advisor who would be happy to assist you.

Online and Mobile options with TD Insurance

Manage your insurance online with TD MyInsurance. With numerous self-serve features, you can view your home and auto policy details, download proof of car insurance (also known as your ‘pink card’), manage your payment or contact information and much more.

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